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Chinese Almond Cookies History

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A Chinese almond cookie is a cookie which an almond nut at the centre. Resembling the Turkish Acibadem Kurabiyesi, it is well received for their sweetness and easy solubility when you put them inside your mouth. But there is more to it - these Chinese almond cookies are thought to bring good luck and fortune to eaters. The almond nut placed on the center of each cookie is said to spread good luck. Cookies are symbols of coins. They bring much needed satisfaction to main Chinese and Peranakan Chinese communities in Singapore.
As well as in Singapore and Malaysia, the Chinese almond cookies can be found in bakeries around Hong Kong and Macau. They are essentially very welcomed in many Chinatown regions around the world, including New York City and San Francisco. In fact these China almond cookies are said to have undergone more development in the USA during early years.
As we appreciate the joyful taste of the Chinese almond cookies and their feasting values each Chinese New Year festival, it is good to know the history behind the significance of Chinese almond cookies. There is a history of Chinese almond cookies, of which the most common tale of them stems from the original Chinese walnut cookies that had their first appearances way back in the 16th century.
Inside China's emperor's palace, these walnut cookies were considered royalties. Over time, it became more popular among commoners in China. Later, when Chinese immigrants settled in America, they discovered USA made almond and would make almond cookies that have some characteristics of the original walnut cookies. Such Chinese almond cookies would typically be enjoyed during Chinese New Year annually but they are actually available all year round. There is also a National Chinese Almond Cookie Day celebrated on April 9th, which is far from the Chinese New Year festival.
Singaporeans do feast on the Chinese almond cookies during Chinese New Year festivals annually. They shop for them at supermarkets, bakery stores or even online stores nowadays. Others buy the raw ingredients to bake them at home.
To bake them at home, there are many common ingredients that are used among the many Chinese almond cookies. Powdered sugar, baking soda, flour, egg yolk, butter and of course almond nuts and almond flour (made by grounded almond nuts) are some of the ingredients commonly used. They are often mixed together, then reheated to become finished Chinese almond cookies, ready for consumption or distribution. Some are feasted on the actual Chinese New Year holiday period, while others are distributed to various centers or sold to others for small profits.
In the world of CNY goodies in Singapore, the best Chinese almond cookies are as relished as the best pineapple tart among Singaporeans each year. Singaporeans love them for their sweet tastes and ease of eating for them to melt inside their mouths very easily. Chinese almond cookies are certainly very well known and well received among the Chinese communities worldwide.
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